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We have a rotating menu that includes Breakfasts, Salads, and Hearty Lunch/Dinner Options.

Delivery to your door in the Coeur d'Alene or Post Falls area is available.


Free Drop-off Locations Include:

*Crossfit Coeur d'Alene

*Patriot Supplements Hayden

*Black Goat Post Falls

*Black Goat Liberty Lake

*Crossfit Spokane Valley

*Crossfit Duratus


People are Talking

"Thank you RX meals for making nutrition so clean, delicious, healthy and affordable! I can’t wait to dig into each meal. I can honestly say, every week I find a new favorite. And who knew I would eat Kale?!? I appreciate how you take nutrition seriously and help us become our best selfs." Tia Vesser
"I’ve been using RX Meals since they were in the Beta stage. They started great and have only gotten better! Food quality is top notch, and they’ve been able to customize my meals to not only fit my macro plan but also my food preferences. Customer service is fantastic too!" Tori Gray
As I approached the annual worldwide 2018 Crossfit Open I decided to put Rx Meals to the test. For the past several weeks I've been spoiled silly by Rx Meals. Not only has my nutrition been on point, my workout performance has felt fantastic. Further, my 16 year old son who also Crossfits would typically grab a bowl of cheerios or microwave Costco frozen taquitos for a snack. Now, he begs me to order more of Rx Meal's salads and bowls because they are so delicious and filling. Each week that has passed, my Rx Meal orders have increased due to my son's love of these wholesome, quality and convenient breakfasts, lunches and dinners. When I say I'm spoiled by Rx Meals, I really meant it. Between work, home, training, errands, travel & party planning, the simplicityy and ease of placing my order online once a week takes less than 2 minutes...and voila' meals are absolutely high quality, clean, balanced, delicious & time-saving to my busy schedule. No more time consuming trips or wastingtime standing in line for me. One last point to mention. With each order I've placed, there has been a note indicating proper storage for the meals. One of the points are how well they freeze if not eaten within a few days. To date, I've never frozen a meal because they are gobbled up immediately in my home. Thank you Rx Meals for not only maintaining the quality & Integrity of my nutrition which I'm accustomed too but completely simplifying my busy life. Gena Schuette